Lv handbags have already been the best way to carry personal items

The Alexander McQueen Novak represents the structured shapes of Fall 2005 and was inspired by Kim Novak, a vintage-era starlet who appeared in Alfred Hitchcock films. It's original run was comprised of only 200 bags, which caused mass hysteria among handbag lovers everywhere and elevated the bag into permanent "It" status.



The Fendi S/S 06 'Spy' Bag is priced starting at $2,100 and it's a favorite of fashion stars like Hilary Duff and Linda Evangelista. It's notorious status is caused partly by it's enormous waiting list, which often can last about Several years.


Lv handbags have already been the best way to carry personal items for more than one hundred and fifty years. One store in Paris is countless stores worldwide.But classic car races in Beijing, America's Cup sailing everywhere, and AIDS benefits in the International Film Festival, it's obvious which the Lv name proceeded to go far after dark fashion world.



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